Why opt for an uncontested divorce with your spouse?

| Jul 5, 2019 | Firm News

When deciding to divorce, you and your spouse need to undoubtedly discuss the logistics. Aside from all the emotional trauma that typically accompanies marital dissolution, there are some key things to consider. The path out of marriage usually has two main options; contested or uncontested. What’s the difference? A lot.

Contested divorces are tug-a-war divorces. This may include child custody issues, child support/alimony amounts, division of assets, and more. The list of things to argue over are almost endless in contested divorces. They often cost more and last longer in court than any other type of divorce. Why opt for an uncontested divorce?

Here’s the main reasons why this option is appealing to many divorcing couples.

  • Cheaper – With less arguments, you spend less money on lawyers and appeals.
  • Faster – Fewer arguments lead to quicker settlements on decisions.
  • Easier transition for everyone – There is going to be a transition period no matter what. However, it is easier to transition to the reality of divorce when everyone agrees to the terms and are managing the new schedule/routine.
  • Expedited healing – Contested divorces keep the strife and contention blazing like a fire. It is hard to heal from the damage of divorce when you are still facing the damage every week, month and even year. Contested divorces may last several years, even a decade depending on the situation.

If you are unsure about your upcoming divorce. Think about your future and how you want to make it better than your past. You can make a brighter future when you leave the past behind quickly and easily. Uncontested divorces can make that possible. Your well-being after divorce is important for yourself as well as any children who are in the middle of this major decision.

The most important part of preparing for divorce, (contested or uncontested) is having a good support system. There are many people who face hurdles in life but doing it by yourself makes the change so much harder than it needs to be. Explore your options and find the best network of professional and personal support resources.