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May 2020 Archives

Georgia field sobriety tests: Do you have to take them?

If you get pulled over by a Georgia patrol officer, you might be feeling nervous or worried right from the start, especially if you're unsure as to the reason for the traffic stop. In such situations, it's always best to remain calm and to co-operate as much as possible. You may be pleasantly surprised for the officer issues a warning to slow down or tells you that you have a brake light that's not functioning, then permits you to leave.

Do you even have an estate to plan for?

Some Georgia residents may not think that they need to create an estate plan. You, like many others, may not even think you have an estate or, if you do, it is not sizable enough for you to need to create a plan for what will happen to it. However, that line of thinking could cause complications for you and your family later on.

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